The pre- specification stage is an important stage where, after non-disclosure agreements are signed, we work closely with customers to recommend various polymers and ingredients, agreeing the product to be manufactured and cover off the various declarations.

Pre-Specification, Testing & Reporting


We find this stage useful to educate our customers on materials, equipment, material flows, risks, testing protocols, quality systems, operational processes and IT systems so that we can both develop in partnership. We adopt an open approach to grow knowledge and awareness.

Before we go to full scale production runs, we can prepare small laboratory sized bags or larger hand-made samples. Customers must carry out their own suitability and stability testing to ensure the packaging is suitable for the chemical being stored and the packing & storage conditions they will use.

We have a small extruder to allow small laboratory sized bags but if we have to use one of our larger extruders’ we have to have a minimum order size of 500kgs backed up by a purchase order.

The key issues which usually concern our customers are:

We set up customer accounts on our ERP, CRM & Production systems.

Polymer Declarations.

Masterbatch Declarations.

Supply and Purchase Agreements.

Use of our STATPAK™ product or their own sourced product.

EEC, FDA, and Various Pharmacopeia Declarations.

Specifications and product codes to meet Drugs Filing Requirements.

Visits to our Site and Audits.

Product Listed by Customer.

Unique Specification is set up on our systems (some customers have over a 100 specifications, on our production systems).

Testing During our Manufacturing Process

We make a batch (works order) for the agreed specification.
During this process the following attributes are tested:

  1. Length
  2. Width
  3. Thickness
  4. Visual Clarity
  5. Any other agreed physical properties

Electrical Anti-Static Testing

  1. Humidity Levels
  2. Surface Resitivity
  3. Charge Decay

Other Testing

  1. Any other cutomer bespoke testing

Brow Pharmapak Certification Systems.

Our robust testing + reporting systems provide our valued customers with comfort + satisfaction
on the safety of their packaging

Certification System

Products Design – Specification Approval – Manufacture – Test - Ship – Quality Management

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