Polythene bags & film made in a controlled environment with full traceability.

Polythene Films and Bags


We make packaging products for the medical & veterinary manufacturing sector, consisting of high- quality continuous polythene film, bags or sheets, free from contaminants, manufactured from a high quality, clean polymer, backed up with Certificates of Conformance.

This is from our 3-acre site in Belfast which is regularly audited and provides full traceability of the product, from incoming raw polymer material to finished polythene product.

In agreement with the customer, we will select a Food Grade or Pharma Polymer. The LDPE Pharma Polymer is sourced from Plants with full traceability, certification and notification protocols and higher testing standards. We can show you the various options and costs that apply.

Every customer and product they require is given a unique specification number.


The polymer is extruded at temperatures between 110°C and 200°C which effectively sterilizes the polythene tubing in our specially built clean 12m extrusion towers.

The film is blown in a controlled environment, in special built cooling towers to control the film during the extrusion process. Please refer to the video showing our Extrusion Line 6.

We have a range of extrusion and conversion equipment which will be specified based on the product required.


The film is then taken to our conversion areas to be made into bags or welded into sheets. For high-risk applications, we use our high specification white clean room area which has tight controls for making the film into bags and various test equipment. If customers require ISO clean room certification, we can add air filtration but this will be reflected in the product price and volume contract agreed with the customer to cover the capital cost and ongoing running & certification costs.

We also have a secondary very clean conversion operating area for products deemed to be less of a risk. This is a food grade certified area. The final product is then carefully checked and packed in a secure manner.

Dependant on the agreed specification, a certificate of conformity is produced to accompany the goods.The manufacturing process is controlled, so that goods are fully traceable from incoming raw polymer to finished product. We are regularly audited.

The manufacturing process operates under a Quality System which is compliant with ISO9001-2015, BRC-IOP High Hygiene Risk Certification and various relevant aspects of GMP which we have built into our systems, for our Pharma and Medical customers. We will also supply you with various Polymer declarations to meet various Certification requirements.

We have a dedicated team who you can quickly speak to and who can react quickly to your needs. The machinery is all on our site and you are welcome to visit. We have been supplying this sector for over 40 years.

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