We produce various products for API plants to comply with Food contact and Pharmacopeia legislation in Europe, America and beyond.

We have been working with global API producers for over 20 years. We are regularly audited and work to a program of continuous improvement’s to reduce risk.


Our Pharmaceutical product range includes anti-static films and liners (both our proprietary STATPAK™ products and customer specified products) which meet various certifications to transport & protect API powders. We balance our products between giving necessary physical properties whilst having to comply with chemical composition requirements.

We also supply laminated aluminium barrier bags where products need to be stored in controlled atmospheres.


Anti-static Polythene bags made from our proprietary brand STATPAK™

Alumininium Foil Barrier Bags

Polythene Bags

Laboratory sized bags

Anti-static Polythene bags containing aditives specified by our customer

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