We manufacture polythene bags using a mixture of polymers – LDPE and LLDPE together with various additives for use by the dry chemical production sector. This produces various strong bags with different physical properties to meet each customers requirements. Speak to our team to see which mix is suitable for your product.

We have been working with various chemical manufacturers making dried powder products to help prevent contamination whilst being packed in a safe manner.


Our Industrial Powder products help reduce the risk from explosive atmospheres through making anti-static bags that are inert with the product being packaged. If the product being wrapped is not a fine powder with a flash risk, we can make plain polythene films and bags made from various polymer mixes and master batches to produce the physical attributes required.


High Clarity Polythene Bags.

Laboratory Bags.

Waste Bags - which we make in various colours and with printed identification notices.

Medium Density Box Liners for component manufacturers.

Anti-Static STATPAK™ Products

Shrink Wrap Films

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