Brow Pharmapak operate a distribution model that meets the most crucial product demands of all of our customers.



Granules are stored in shrouded pallets and are batch tracked. As polymer resins are required, these pallets are decanted into dedicated silo’s which are undercover. From this stage onwards, material moves under cover, across the various production stages carried out in the different buildings on our site.

Raw material batch numbers are tracked through to the finished goods which are made under works orders (as a batch of a specification).

Work in Progress and Finished goods are stored in modern, dry, clean areas.

The site is kept very clean and is monitored for pests as we primarily supply high risk products for pharma, medical and food sectors. Our pharma unit for example also has outer and inner areas and doors for material transfer.


Finished product is stored in sealed palletised units, well wrapped, and labelled to protect the inner packs from contamination. Document wallets can be attached to the outer packaging a long with samples (if that was pre agreed).


Our terms with international customers are normally ex works. We work with various international carriers on a daily basis, who deliver by road, sea and air. Our production team can put you in touch with them unless you have a pre chosen carrier.

We are located 15 miles from Belfast International Airport and 3 miles from the City Airport. The shipping docks are 3 miles away so we have quick access to distribution routes.


In terms of customs, Northern Ireland is still part of Great Britain (GB) for most day to day legislation but for customs purposes we are still part of the European trading zone under a deal called the Northern Ireland Protocol. This was set up when the GB mainland left the EEC and gives us certain trading advantages as we have unfettered access to both markets.

This means that when we make products for customers located in European countries or for the GB mainland we have no customs paperwork to complete – a despatch note is all that is required.

This speeds up deliveries and minimises paperwork for both us and our customers.

For our non EEC customers, for example those based in America and China, they use import agents to handle our exported goods which we sell free of taxes from the GB side.

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