We can manufacture extruded film in various colours to identify hazardous waste with printed warnings.

We have been working with hospitals and various organisations to provide bags to wrap personal products as well as various sources of waste. We also provide shrink film to wrap many products made for human use or consumption.


Our Facilities Hygiene Products can consist of various products from plain high visibility bags to wrap or store various personal products in through to waste bags to hold various types of waste. These waste bags can be made from different types of polythene – LD – tougher and heavier bags, LLDPE – softer and adds an element of stretch, MDPE thinner & lighter weight but tough.


High Clarity Polythene Bags made with very clean polymer.

Laboratory Bags.

Medical Waste Bags which we make in various colours and with printed identification notices.

Medium Density Box Liners for component manufacturers.

Wrapping Film such as shrink film.

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